We always hear about how romantic Louis is, and you know what? It’s true. Louis fell in love with Harry when he was 18 years old, and in spite of every obstacle in this world being thrown his way, with so many people trying to silence him, he has only gotten louder.  He may not be able to shout ‘I love Harry Styles!’ from the rooftops just yet, but he has spent these past few years writing one hell of a love letter to Harry in every way that he can.


Literally HOW do people look at this face

and think ‘nah i’m good’ and let him sit at #5


What if the person you think is too cool to talk to thinks that you’re too cool to talk to



she keeps me warm


she keeps me warm


Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart-verse texts

Some more texts between Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart ’verse Harry and Louis, set in the post-fic future.

as per an anon request: Harry and Louis having an argument 



harold’s favorite hobby is ‘how awkward can i make liam feel by touching his junk’


#never ever over Liam’s face in this #if that is not the face of unexpected sexual epiphany idk what is   



do people really still say me gusta


im pretty sure every single spanish speaking person does


I have noticed that Harry does this thing when he gets nervous and sexually aroused by Louis. These are a few examples, but he actually intertwines the fingers of his hands and grips as some sort of control or something. I love the last one too after Harry sees Louis riding in a chair he has to do the “hand grip” because I swear he wants to put his hands all over him.   

Here is another one :) hmm you love bed huh Harold? with who I wonder?